Nitrous Oxide/oxygen (Laughing Gas):

This is an easy way to relieve minor dental anxiety. It is given though a flavored “nose” and is combined with oxygen. It gives your child the sensation that they are “floating” or “feeling fuzzy.” Laughing gas is used for routine dental treatment and helps most children tolerate it well.

Oral Sedation (Cocktail Drink):

This is a small amount of liquid medication that we give your child in the office after reviewing their current health condition. After a short waiting period, your child will feel “loopy,” but awake enough to talk to you and us during dental treatment. This option allows children to cope more easily with dental treatment when anxiety or past experiences have made going to the dentist difficult.

Intravenous (Iv) Sedation Or General Anesthesia:

Both of these options are better understood as “putting your child to sleep,” and include the services of competent anesthesia providers. These options are helpful for children who are very young or anxious, or for children who have special health needs.

Let’s discuss how we can help your child improve their oral health.