Your child may have cavities or dental damage that the naked eye cannot detect. So to monitor the development of their teeth, get in touch with our pediatric dentist for safe dental x-rays. We have offices in South Jordan and Tooele and patients travel from surrounding areas throughout northern Utah to see our Board-Certified Pediatric Dentists.

The Importance of X-Rays in Preventive Dentistry

Regular dental x-rays, which detect issues that a visual dental exam cannot, are an important aspect of preventive dentistry. They help the pediatric dentist detect any oral health problems your child may have, and begin treatment before the situation worsens. They also enable the pediatric dentist to anticipate the way your child’s teeth will form.

Given this information, dentists recommend regular dental x-rays for your child. Moreover, the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry both suggest bi-annual dental x-rays, taken during routine hygiene visits.

Our pediatric dental x-ray services are safe and comfortable. In our office, then, you can be sure that your child is in good hands.

Different Types of Dental X-Rays for Kids

We understand that every child’s case is different. For this reason, we offer different types of pediatric dental x-rays in our Utah locations. These include bitewing, panoramic, and periapical x-rays.

Bitewing x-rays

Also known as the Intraoral Radiograph, provide a detailed view of hard-to-reach areas in the mouth. This type of x-ray effectively detects cavities and monitors bone health and tooth development.

Panoramic x-rays

These x-rays do not detect tooth decay. Rather, they detect any issues that may be present in your child’s teeth, jaw, and sinuses. As such, this type of x-ray helps pediatric dentists properly address possible tumors, cysts, and impacted or misplaced teeth.

Periapical x-rays

These x-rays are a specialized tool that lets pediatric dentists figure out what is causing your child’s toothaches. This type of x-ray can spot problems such as impacted teeth, bone disease, tooth trauma, and abscesses.

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