Fluoride for kids near Tooele.

Information about Fluoride

Fluoride is an organically occurring mineral located in water, foods, within the earth's crust and generally throughout nature. Fluoride is frequently added to tap water resources for drinking and to toothpaste for children and adults.

Why Do Kids need Fluoride?

Pediatric fluoride treatments are beneficial because they protect immature teeth from damaging acid and can actually repair premature signs of dental damage. The harmful acid in the mouth is born from bacteria joined with sugars. Mouth acid wears down enamel. Every day, minerals are eliminated and absorbed into the enamel coating of teeth through naturally occurring operations called demineralization and remineralization. Minerals are lost when acid erodes the enamel and minerals like phosphates, calcium and fluoride are added back when kids drink water or consume foods that include those minerals. It's common for cavities to happen from decay when demineralization occurs without substantial remineralization.

Why Get Fluoride?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric (AAPD), efficiently applied topical fluoride treatments can effectively reduce dental decay in children. When you have fluoride skillfully applied during a pediatric dentist visit ensures that your child's teeth get a sufficient, defensive amount of fluoride that effectively obstructs acid from wearing down enamel. It only requires a small quantity of fluoride for children to gain maximum advantages. At Southridge Pediatric Dentistry, we offer dental fluoride in a gel, foam or varnish form. Fluoride treatment consists of significantly improved levels of fluoride as compared to what is present in water and toothpaste.

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