Southridge Pediatric Dentistry educates families on good oral health habits


Mar 11, 2022 09:38AM ● By Peri Kinder


It’s a team effort to create healthy dental habits for children. The parents (or grandparents), children, and pediatric dentist all work together to foster an environment where children feel safe and cared for.

Southridge Pediatric Dentistry (2651 W South Jordan Parkway, #103) was founded in 2006 by board-certified pediatric dentists Dr. David Roth and Dr. Russell Farnsworth. Together they have over 40 years of combined experience in Pediatric Dentistry. Their sole goal is to create a safe place where children can come and get the dental care they need.

“There’s a misconception that it has to be a scary thing,” Dr. Farnsworth says. “There are new improvements in materials, techniques, equipment, and sedatives that allow us to do procedures on kids where they want to come back.”

Part of a pediatric dentist’s job is to educate families about the importance of oral health and good eating habits. This includes no bottle at bedtime for babies and avoiding starchy carbs like crackers, chips, and pretzels for older children. Everyone knows eating candy promotes cavities, but things like fruit juice, chocolate milk, and soda also contribute to tooth decay.

Dr. Farnsworth says parents should start the habit of brushing their child’s teeth as soon as they come in. Spending a couple of minutes, at least once a day, brushing gently with water (no toothpaste), and even flossing can get young children used to good dental hygiene. And scheduling an appointment by the child’s first birthday can develop an early relationship of trust with the dentist.

“We like to see kids beginning at one year, although we’ve seen them earlier,” he says. “There’s a misconception that the first dental visit should be at age 3, but we’re bold in promoting that we see our patients at 1. The more kids are involved in hygiene, the better they do at the dentist. They cooperate better for exams and x-rays.”

Southridge Pediatric Dentistry provides quality cleanings, sealants, white fillings, orthodontic space maintainers, and several sedation options to help kids relax. The friendly office assistants and front desk staff are fun to work with and create an additional level of connection with the kids.

By working with children, and building relationships with parents, Southridge Pediatric Dentistry prepares kids for a lifetime of good oral health and trust in the dental provider. For more information, visit 

“There’s such a rewarding environment doing procedures on kids and it’s fun to interact with parents. It can be really hard to say good-bye when they age out of the office,” Dr. Farnsworth says. “In today’s world of medical and dental care, I feel we offer a little of the old-fashioned, personalized care. We’re dialed in on the kids’ well-being.”



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