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Our Kid-Friendly Dental Services in Herriman

Our staff gives special attention to preventive care and restorative dental services, including the following:


Pediatric teeth cleanings are routine procedures that can help detect various potential dental problems and prevent them from progressing.

Dental X-ray

X-rays are valuable diagnostic tools to detect any damage or disease in a child’s teeth.

Fluoride Treatment

This treatment helps shield young developing teeth from harmful acid in the mouth, reducing the risk of tooth decay.

Sealants & White Fillings

When applied to the chewing surface of a molar, pre-molar, or, on occasion, front teeth, dental sealants act as a barrier against plaque and food that often cause cavities. White fillings, on the other hand, are used when your child already has cavities. We will remove the decay and fill the tooth to restore its integrity.

Orthodontic Space Maintainers

Some children lose their baby teeth too early due to tooth decay or injury. If this happens, the child will need a space maintainer to hold the gap open for a permanent tooth that will soon erupt. Otherwise, there may not be enough room for that adult tooth, and it’ll end up erupting in other spaces, causing crooked teeth or malocclusion.


Sedating a child is a safe way to reduce their stress levels and minimize other risks before, during, and after a dental procedure.

Our Friendly, Relaxed Approach

Here at Southridge Pediatric Dentistry, we focus solely on children’s dental care. We make sure that all our patients feel safe and relaxed, especially if it’s their first time to visit a dentist. Our staff creates a warm, fun, and friendly environment to help them feel at ease while at our practice. We want children to feel that a dental visit is something that they should look forward office. This way, we can reduce any anxiety and continue guiding them towards better oral health.

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