Preventive Care

Good dental health begins early with understanding how to prevent cavities. Every 6 months we would like to see your child to review simple and effective ways to reduce the chance of getting cavities. We will clean your child’s teeth, take dental x-rays as appropriate, and give high strength fluoride treatments. After examining your child, our board-certified pediatric dentists will discuss with you and your child topics such as:

  • Cavities and cavity prevention
  • Growth of the teeth and jaws (orthodontics)
  • Sealants (protective coatings usually placed on permanent back teeth) that help prevent cavities
  • Fluoride benefits and use
  • Protective mouth guard use
  • Thumb or finger sucking habits
  • Grinding
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Other needs relating to your child

We like to make this a fun experience and enjoy involving your child as much as possible. We appreciate your questions and like parental interest in your child’s development!

So. Jordan

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