Southridge Pediatric Dentistry: Emergencies

When a head or mouth injury occurs in your child, please try to stay calm as this will
help you in getting the proper treatment and reduce worry in your child.

Knocked-Out Tooth:

Permanent Tooth:

If a permanent front tooth has been knocked out, locate the tooth if possible, hold it by the crown (not the root) and gently place it right back into the socket. Hold it in place, and call us immediately! If you are unable to place it back into the socket, put it in a bag of milk, or saline solution and call us. Time is critical in this emergency for the best chance of your child’s tooth surviving!

Baby Tooth:

If a baby front tooth has been knocked out of the mouth, just let it be and start talking about a visit from the tooth fairy!
If you are unsure about whether the tooth is a baby tooth or permanent tooth, treat it as a permanent tooth, put it back into the socket immediately, and call us.

Teeth Bumped Out of Position

Teeth Bumped
Permanent or Baby Teeth:

If permanent or baby teeth have been bumped forward, sideways, backwards, or outwards due to trauma, see if you can gently push them “back” into their normal position and call us—the sooner the better. If you are unable to do this or you would rather not do this, call us right away.

Broken Front Tooth:

Broken Front
Permanent or Baby Teeth:

Call our office and try to keep you child comfortable with OTC pain medication (ibuprofen or acetaminophen) and a soft diet. Avoid hot or cold drinks or foods.

Broken Back Tooth:

Broken Back
Permanent or Baby Teeth:

There can be several causes for this event (trauma, cavities, or even losing a tooth). Keep the area brushed and flossed well, and we can see you as soon as possible.


Facial or Jaw Swelling:

Call our office immediately! We will assess and most likely begin antibiotics to treat the infection.

Bump Next to a Tooth:

Indicates that a tooth has developed an infection and antibiotic treatment will likely be started.

Tooth Pain:

During Eating Only:

Most likely due to cavities in between teeth. Gently floss and brush affected area and call us as soon as possible.

Keeping Your Child up All Night:

Keeping Your Child up All Night: A tooth is most likely beginning an infection. Call our office and we will likely begin antibiotic treatment and discuss treatment options.

After a Tooth Has Had Treatment:

This can be a common occurrence after dental treatment. OTC pain relievers work well, combined with gently brushing and flossing the teeth for a few days following treatment.

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