Art Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in our April Art Contest!  It was so fun to see all of the things you created.  We were so impressed with your skills! Here is a list of the winners (the red numbers were for voting purposes only to keep it anonymous):


Overall Office Favorites:

McKinnlee (age 11):

Dr. Roth and his famous words “Have you been staying away from boys?” Best Dentist!!!


Benson (age 9):

Benson wrote a story and sings it to the tune of “Baby Shark”.


3 and Under

Helen (age 3):

Helen Colored an ad for Southridge Pediatric Dentistry



Henry (age 5):

I made a smiley face mask. I used red licorice and marshmallows to make a big, happy smile. My smile is happier when I go to the dentist.


Claire (age 6):

This is a castle the tooth fairy lives in.



Alice (age 7):

These are cute “Dentist-y” things!


Tanner (age 9):

This is called “Baby Shark, Brush Your Teeth!”



Brinnlee (age 11):

This is called “For a Happy, Healthy Smile”.


Grace (age 12):

These are dentures that have facial features such as eyes, arms and legs. “Say Cheese!”


13 & up

Alli (13):

You don’t need superpowers to have super teeth!


Kestin (13):

This is a chalk drawing I called “Lost Tooth”.