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X-rays are an important part of preventative medicine for your child’s dental growth. Regularly scheduled X-rays help us catch problems early and predict how your child’s teeth will form as they grow. Pediatric dental X-rays are as safe for children as they are adults and our friendly staff makes sure your child is comfortable during their entire visit at our South Jordan, UT office.

These X-rays help our dentists detect problems that can’t be done with a visual dental exam alone. Finding these problems before they develop helps us and your child prevent tooth decay and can minimize serious long-term damage.

Types of Pediatric Dental X-rays We Offer

Bitewing X-rays

The most common type of X-ray for children is the Intraoral Radiograph, or bitewing X-ray. Bitewing X-rays show areas in between the back teeth and other hard to reach areas. Doctors will usually take multiple sets of X-rays to get the full picture of your child’s teeth with a higher level of detail.

These X-rays help dentists:

  • Find cavities
  • Look at the roots of the teeth
  • Check the health of the bone around the teeth
  • Monitor the progress of developing teeth

Panoramic X-rays

Panoramic X-rays are different than other diagnostic X-rays in that they’re not used to help detect tooth decay. These types of X-rays are usually taken several times during the early years of child development to detect any abnormalities developing within the teeth, jaw and sinuses. Some of the issues that can be detected and dealt with productively include:

  • Tumors
  • Cysts
  • Impacted
  • Misplaced or missing teeth

Panoramic X-rays provide dentists with necessary information to promote good oral health and continued development for your kids throughout their life. Our office suggests that panoramic X-rays be taken at ages seven, ten or thirteen. If the doctor deems it necessary, they should also be taken before braces and around age sixteen to check the wisdom teeth for issues.

Periapical X-rays

Periapical, or PA X-rays refers to a single ray used to show a specific area of your child’s mouth. We use this tool to uncover the cause of toothaches and acute pain. This specialized tool shows the entire tooth from the crown to the end of the root, along with the bones that support it. Thanks to PA X-rays, we can catch some of the following problems:

  • Impacted teeth
  • Abscesses
  • Cysts
  • Tumors
  • Bone disease
  • Accident or trauma to a tooth

When Should My Child Get X-rays?

Both the ADA and the AAPD recommend that X-rays be taken two times per year during your child’s 6-month hygiene visit.

The more we know about your child’s teeth, the better their oral health will be. Call Southridge Pediatric Dentistry today at our South Jordan office 801-446-1515 to schedule an appointment with our professional and friendly doctors and dental hygienists!

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