Fluoride for Kids

Fluoride treatments for kids near Draper.

Using dental fluoride is one of the most efficient ways to hinder tooth decay and uphold outstanding dental health in children. Fluoride is a trustworthy and practical way to decrease the occurrence of cavities in children by 95 percent when combined with sealant. Fluoride works as an external shield that protects the tooth from acid damage initiated by sugars and plaque bacteria in the mouth.

Explaining Fluoride

Fluoride is an organically existing mineral found in water, foods, inside the earth’s crust and widely across the natural world. It is frequently included in tap water materials for drinking and to toothpaste for children and adults.

Why Get Fluoride Treatments for Your Child?

Fluoride is beneficial for children because it helps shield juvenile teeth from damaging acid and can fully repair early signs of dental decay. The damaging acid in the mouth is born from bacteria joined with sugars. This acid wears down enamel. Every day, minerals are lost and added to the enamel layer of teeth through naturally happening processes called demineralization and remineralization. Minerals are lost when acid attacks the enamel and minerals like phosphates, calcium and fluoride are added back when kids drink water or consume foods with those minerals. It’s common for cavities to happen from decay when demineralization happens without substantial remineralization.

Why Get Fluoride?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric (AAPD), efficiently applied topical fluoride treatments can effectively reduce dental decay in children. Having fluoride professionally applied during a pediatric dentist appointment guarantees that your child’s teeth will receive a sufficient, shielding amount of fluoride that effectively obstructs acid from getting rid of enamel. It only takes a small amount of fluoride for children to receive the best benefits. At our clinic, we offer fluoride treatments for kids in a gel, foam or varnish form. This treatment includes highly improved levels of fluoride as compared to what is found in water and toothpaste.


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