The Importance of Pediatric Teeth Cleanings

Cleanings are vital for your child's oral health.

Preventative pediatric dental care (including teeth cleanings) is essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Children are usually the most susceptible to cavities so it is extremely crucial that they learn while they’re young that brushing morning and night (at least two times daily) is important to maintain a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

Additionally, one of the most important pieces of oral hygiene and preventive care is regular pediatric (children) teeth cleanings by our expert staff of pediatric dental hygienists and dentists.

Regular teeth cleanings will help keep teeth clean by removing plaque buildup from your child’s teeth. Our pediatric teeth cleanings are designed specifically for children and focus on cleaning the mouth from the tooth up to the gum line. This kind of cleaning is meant to specifically address serious forms of gum diseases. In these cases, a deeper cleaning may be necessary.

When you bring your child to our offices for their teeth cleaning appointment their dental hygiene appointment will consist of:

  • A dental exam meant to find cavities and other harmful dental conditions.
  • one of our hygienists will take x-rays of your child’s teeth to help locate disease and tooth decay that cannot be seen by a basic visual exam.
  • Our dentist will perform a thorough exam and check for cavities and other conditions and will discuss the results of the exam. They will also make appropriate recommendations and answer your questions about pediatric dental treatment and dental health in general.

Preventative Teeth Cleanings

One of our hygienists will clean, polish your child’s teeth and remove plaque. It is important to remove this sticky film of bacteria to protect the teeth from the acid that causes tooth decay. The hygienist also teaches the best flossing techniques and can answer your questions and concerns about cavity prevention or dental hygiene.

Dental Sealants for Children

Dental Sealants are a great idea for children. They are primarily used to protect the chewing surfaces of the molars in the back of your child’s mouth in between teeth cleanings. These molars begin to grow when your child is about six years old, and another set comes about six years later.

Sealants are used as a long-term technique to help prevent tooth decay, but will still require regular teeth cleanings.

Come Get Teeth Cleanings at Southridge Pediatric Dentistry

Southridge Pediatric Dentistry provides pediatric dental cleaning services for children of all ages and ethnicities. These include regular teeth cleanings, dental sealants, and other services as needed. We see patients from South Jordan and throughout the Salt Lake Valley in Utah.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for teeth cleaning or other pediatric dentistry needs for your child. Most dental insurances are accepted!

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